Notable Half-Bloods

Well, we did research and actually the list is short. Most half-bloods (meaning that one parent is God and the other is human) don't want to take responsibility. They hide or are just like the God parent, arrogant. However, there is one Half-Blood that is cooler than Pizza and Peanut Butter together (and pizza and peanut butter are the most favorite things ever, so...). Her name is:


Her picture? Just in case you meet her, say thanks to her, because she saved the world so many times, we do not have that many numbers.

Basic facts: Name: EMI Father: Zeus Sister:

Joko Dragon (her main helper)

Other helpers:


(Q1: You are lying!!!!??? A1: Poop, yes I am, sorry Emi, don't kill me :( )

Known power: Helping people, controlling the weather, reading thoughts, predicting the future, many more... Saved the world:

Traits: compassionate, funny, good, helping, squirrel (Q2: But that is not Trait???? A2: Look at EMI, she is squirrel, and she has the best traits, so shut up!!! it is trait! Any more questions?) Q3: Her picture again? A3:

Yup, she actually saved the Oscars like many times!

Thank you Emi for being an awesome friend, oops, I mean Half-blood :p !!!!